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Insect Control

Insect Control in Derby
Professional Insect Control in Derby

Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are an increasing problem in the UK. These oval, light brown coloured insects feed on human blood whilst the victim sleeps. They live in any small cracks on walls in bed frames wardrobes headboards and damaged mattresses  and bedding, feeding at night. They can cause ugly, painful bites, and are especially difficult to eliminate. Professional bed bug treatment is recommended for anyone suffering from a bed bug infestation.

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Ant Treatment

While it’s true that small numbers of ants can be controlled with DIY consumer products, ant swarms can often become overwhelming, especially if left unchecked for long periods of time. Pestforce Derbyshire uses environmentally-friendly methods of ant extermination to make sure that buildings aren’t put out of use for too long, and the air is safe to breathe for employees for business customers, and for children and pets for domestic customers.

Wasp Control

An estimated 1 in every 30 people is allergic to the sting of a wasp, so it’s very important to get rid of a bee or wasps’ nest as soon as you spot one. They can be especially perilous to children and pets, so don’t leave it to chance! A wasps’ nest can produce up to 30,000 wasps in a single year, which become particularly aggressive in August and September. Bees provide an essential service to pollination and Nature’s cycle, so should never be destroyed – consulting a professional pest removal service to take care of bees to protect the environment.We now install and sell Waspbane wasp traps to the general public

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Spider Removal

Although having one or two spiders around the property can be beneficial – they do after all eat insects and rarely get in the way – many people are highly phobic of spiders, and spider infestations can obviously create serious problems. If you need to know that there are absolutely no spiders in your property, either in your home or in your place of work, call Pestforce Derbyshire today for a free, no-obligation quote.

Cluster Flies

Cluster flies, also known as attic flies, are household pests. Adults measure 8 to 10 millimeters in length and have light and dark grey-checkered abdomens. The thorax of an adult cluster fly is covered in short, golden hairs and the wings overlap when at rest. Cluster flies are slightly larger and darker than the common housefly and move more sluggishly.

They appear on the sunny side of the structure in heaviest concentrations in late autumn and early winter, as they seek warm locations in which to live during cold months. Although cluster flies are observed buzzing and congregating at windows, screens may prove ineffective in preventing their entrance. Cluster flies are capable of crawling through small openings in the walls of a structure. They hibernate in secluded parts of houses like attics and wall voids. On sunny winter days, the wall voids become warm and the cluster flies try to move toward light. Very often they find themselves in the inhabited parts of the house and the move to the windows. They cluster around the windows and they leave stains on walls and curtains if crushed so please don’t swat them.

The cluster fly life cycle begins when a female lays her eggs in the soil in late summer or early fall. These eggs hatch within a few days, after which larvae seek to enter the body cavities of earthworms. Cluster fly larvae feed on earthworm hosts for several days, at which time they molt and pupate in the soil. Cluster flies’ development time from egg to adult is about 27 to 39 days.

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Electric Fly Machines

We supply many types of EFKs for domestic and industrial use including glue machines the new wave of EFKs for full details of all our machines give us a call