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What can you do to prevent rats visiting you

rat in the kitchen
Jun 24 2017

What can you do to prevent rats visiting you

Do rats never give up, or will they eventually?

I want to share a recent pest control job that we attended for a landlord based in Chesterfield. I think it opened the eyes of the landlord and the young family, giving them a deeper insight into rat behaviour.

I received a call one hot July day, that there was a rat sighting in the house.  The tenants seemed extremely upset about the situation, perhaps due to having a small child in the house.

I went to the house had an extensive look around at where the rat might be visiting around the house and the tenant opted for just us setting some traps.  It was about a week later, I received another call from the tenant.  She said there was a foul odour coming from the closet that holds the water heater.

I paid a visit and found a decomposing rat in one of the traps I set.

The lady was clearly distressed so I asked if she would like me to remove the dead rat. There I was standing in the kitchen of this house with a dead rat in a trap about to bad it when I notice maggots on the floor near where the trap had been.  Fortunately, I had cleaning chemical, paper towel and a rubbish bag, so I was able to quickly clean up the maggots that were squirming around on the floor.

About two months went by, and another call came in.  Yes, you guessed it, another rat sighting.

The landlord came along for this visit at the request of the tenant. This time I suggested a proper survey the property and make recommendations on how to prevent rats from entering the house. We made some recommendations, and I showed me them some places around the property where the rats were gaining access to the house. Rather than us seal up the areas the landlord said he would get in a friend who was a handyman.

I also mentioned that rats do not like change.  Moving things around in the basement and loft areas might also encourage them to go elsewhere.

He said to move things around in the crawl space basement.  That might be enough to have them leave. I did point out to the landlord that the tenant could help herself with certain changes to food storage and leaving doors and windows open and keeping the garden in reasonable condition. In addition to not closing the lids on the wheelie bins would be like an open invite to rats in the area.

During the survey, we had found that the rats had chewed through the lower roof space to get into the house. Clearly, they saw the food potential inside the house worth the effort.

We attended the property about six weeks ago and have had no further calls so it looks like the problem was resolved. Most of the issues were related to human behaviour with just a handful of minor changes to the property. Help yourself when it comes to rat prevention and don’t do things that would invite them in.

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