Removing moles from your garden
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Do you love your lawn

moles in your garden
Apr 29 2017

Do you love your lawn

Do you take pride in your perfect lawn?


Is it being ruined by moles?

A little background about your adversary. Moles tunnel using their large two front paws to scrape away the earth and feel along tunnels with their snouts and whiskers. Did you know that due to the lack of light within their living conditions, moles have very poor eyesight so very rarely will you see mole activity above ground, they do have a very good sense of smell and are quite clever. They dig out a system of tunnels and chambers, and dispose of the excavated soil by throwing up molehills on the surface and ruining your lawn and garden.

However, Moles will not eat your garden plants as they like meat, feeding on invertebrates that fall into their system of tunnels. Should they cause plant and lawn damage this is down to the tunnels they produce to catch their meals.

moles in your garden

How do I know if I have a mole problem?

Typically, you will see heaps of excavated soil thrown up on the surface of your lawn or garden.

Why do I need to remove them from my garden?

Should they get to infestation levels the combination of all their tunnels can make the ground very unsightly and unstable. We have seen situations where land has collapsed due to an infestation of moles.

moles moles and more moles

How do you remove moles from your land?

You have a range of DIY options some are more humane than others depending on your views. However as mentioned they can detect disturbances in their tunnels and will just avoid the area. Many people opt for the use of a professional pest control expert. You can choose how you want the moles to be removed or relocated.

Mole traps are a popular method and are considered a humane method, only if used correctly. If used incorrectly the mole is not always killed outright and may suffer. An alternative to killing the mole is to use live capture traps these need to be inspected twice a day to prevent the animal starving to death. However, it is worth noting you cannot just release a mole, you must gain permission of the land owner.

If you know your area is prone to moles you could consider a prevention technique where mole netting is laid, this prevents moles coming to the surface to create molehills.

You could try a deterrent such as a buzzer but these tend to just deter them to another part of your garden.

Finally, you could make it easy for yourself and hire a professional pest control expert, moles once established can be difficult for the amateur to remove and control.

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