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Seagulls stop them becoming a pest

May 08 2017

Seagulls stop them becoming a pest

Seagulls how to stop them!

Seagulls long ago stopped being sea gulls and are more steal gulls and a nuisance to one and all.
The breading season for seagulls in now upon us so they have more mouths to feed so upping their game when it comes to searching for an easy feed. Now is the time to be looking at preventive measure to reduce the nuisance level they cause to you, your customers and potentially buildings.

The current level of urban urban seagulls has reached such a level that it has even reached Parliament, were they debated about the level of nuisance and damage they cause.
We have all seen videos or in person, people being dived bombed and fish n chips being stolen. The seagull is actually quite an intelligent bird as it grows with confidence they will go into houses and shops and take food, they also learn from each other so once one has done it, it does not take long for them all to follow.

As I mentioned breading season gives them the need to feed their off spring as well as themselves and the incidents of dive-bombing humans & pets. Obviously they need to build nests and if they think their nests and young are under threat, they can be extremely aggressive. The elderly and babies / toddlers are most at risk should they stray into the path of a defensive breeding seagull as attacks are can escalate quickly and are often sustained if one cannot move quickly to safety.

Health & Safety
While food stealing and attacks are an obvious problem, especially during the breeding season (April-August), seagulls also pose serious environment and hygiene issues, sometimes less obvious to the casual observer. The bird faeces can carry up to 60 transferable diseases (zoonosis), including Avian Flu, E-coli and histoplasmosis. The latter is an airborne pathogen that gets into buildings through air vents or the ventilation.
Have you made your building gull-proof, with spikes and netting to limit the birds’ nesting options.

Pest Force can supply the full bandwidth of structural bird control solutions from bird spikes & netting to hawk kites and laser beams. If your foe has feathers, we are the people to call upon for help.

Take Action
If you want to take control of a seagull problem in your area, what can be done?
Early April is the start of the seagulls’ breeding season. Once Herring Gulls or Greater Black-backed Gulls have live young, you cannot move or disturb nests. As a result, your business or premises can face months of disruption and financial loss.

There are numerous, effective and humane solutions including seagull anti-perch spikes, post & wire and bird control netting, which deter seagulls from using your building or structure for nesting, roosting and perching. We also supply highly effective bio-acoustic bird dispersal systems which use the seagulls own distress call in playback to disperse them with great effect.

If you manage a landfill site or any other large open site that needs protection from seagulls, we stock Hawk Kite bird scarer kite system. It’s the toughest and strongest self-launching predator kite on the market

If you want to manage your seagull problem this year, act now to prevent them nesting. Call the us for a free consultation and quotation.

If you have a bird problem of any description then give us a call for some free advice and guidance.

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